The truth is, I don’t know! But, I think I can make a few points that will hopefully make it easier for you to understand what to look for in a photographer and what are some of the things you should keep in mind

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Yes… yes… yes.. cheap doesn’t allays mean bad and expensive doesn’t always mean good, but most of the time it does!
whatever the case, never pay less than $500 for your wedding photographer!
In most cases you will get an imposter, not a master! there are many amateur photographers who pose as professionals, keeping their prices low and luring couples in with the promise of hundreds of photos. They will deliver on quantity but not the quality. This is the part where you have to ask yourself, would you rather have 100 bad photos or 10 good ones?
If you find a photographer who is out of your budget range, keep an open mind to increasing your photography budget a little, and i am not saying that because i am a photographer, but because a survey has show that it is one of the most regretted things that brides wish they had done.

now assuming that you have found a photographer within you price range, the next thing you should look at is:

This part is probably the most simple one of all and it entirely depends on you. There are many different STYLES that photographers cling to this days whether its photojournalistic, editorial or candid in my opinion they are all practically meaningless words, just have a good look at their work, if you like what you see, if it makes you feel good while looking at them, and if it makes you want one just like that, then that’s all that matters. Photography is art, and art is very subjective. don’t over think it!

Probably the most important factor of all. I will start with a little warning. When looking into reviews on 3rd party sites like yelp, like knot, like wedding wire and so on… keep in mind that those reviews can easily be FAKED. I personally prefer Facebook because its not a dead end, there is a face to a review and my potential clients can always inquire with my previous couples. So make sure to look for it, you always want to have that option.

Best locations for a Beach Wedding in Hawaii

There are many beautiful, tropical beaches on Oahu to choose from, from the South to the North Shore. As a long term
Hawaii wedding photographer
I have selected 3 beaches that are ideal wedding locations for both, small and larger ceremonies.

Waimanalo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii, and there for our favorite spot.
This gorgeous bay of turquoise ocean and white sandy beach set beneath the Koolau mountain range provides the tropical dream location for your Hawaii wedding photography.
For the best lighting and exceptional photo opportunities we recommend doing your wedding between 10am-2pm

hawaii wedding photography

MokoliĘ»i Beach is a cute little place in paradise, off the beaten path. Ideal for a very small “just you and me” type of wedding, crystal clear waters coupled with golden sands and the backdrop of MokoliĘ»i island makes this the ideal location for a very intimate beach wedding photos.
ideal lighting for photo-shoots is between 8am-10am & 5pm-7pm

hawaii wedding photography

If you are looking for something more colorful then you cannot go wrong with sunset weddings at Ko-Olina
There is very small cove near Paradise Cove on the west shore of Oahu, Besides the jaw-dropping 12 acres of oceanfront scenery at paradise cove, there is a magnificent little beach called secret beach a perfect setting for a setting sun and wedding photos.
ideal time is 10 minutes before sunset.

hawaii wedding photography