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Ok, I’m going to skip over the technical stuff and briefly explain what retouching is and isn’t , in terms that hopefully everyone will understand.

1. No image is perfect at its creation, regardless of how good the lighting was or how famous the photographer that took it!
2. Photo retouching is not the same as photo manipulation, which can be confused with highly criticised shots of celebrities and fashion models that appear on magazine covers with perfectly silky skin and toned bodies.
3. Photo retouching in wedding photography does not mean making arms look skinnier, tightening of the waist, tummy tucks, wrinkle elimination, making someone look 20 years younger, chin removal and so on…. you get the point.



To all my potential couples,
If there is anyone out there worried about the wedding album, let me say this: I am very confident to say that I have found the most amazing lab in the world that creates CUSTOM MADE FLASH MOUNT WEDDING ALBUMS that will blow your mind away!!! I was actually so excited that I put up a few sample photos for everyone to see, even though the photos don’t do it justice. I will also have a sample during the consultation/shoot for more up close and personal inspection.

As far as the pricing goes, one (1) album is complimentary with your booking. Each additional album will be $300